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Because social anxiety issues are still relatively unknown amongst the wider public, most aren"t even aware that the thing which can have such a huge impact on their lives has a name.The three main aims of this site are to provide a of SA problems and campaign for change, so that in future, people afflicted by them don"t have to suffer in silence as so many of us have done in the past.At a deeper level, sufferers can experience chronic insecurity about their relationships with others, hypersensitivity to criticism, or fears of being rejected by others.

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SA-UK is a volunteer-led organisation so don"t expect a miracle cure!

However, most of us have found that just finding out more about the issues and talking to other people who know what it is like to experience the same problems has been truly beneficial.

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Despite being the most common type of anxiety disorder and the cause of much impairment and suffering, it is under-recognised and under-treated.

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